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Why "The List?"

In 2019, Thuwaiba and Isabelle attended a Wall Street Journal event in NYC. It was a panel discussion regarding Women of color in the workplace and the data to prove the disparities. They related to their vulnerable stories and were frustrated by the data that showed "About 1 in 5 C-suite executives is a woman—and only 1 in 25 C-suite executives is a woman of color." Data provided by McKinsey & Company

The original goal was to educate its leadership team on the importance of diversity and inclusion. Still, they realized there's more opportunity for social justice within companies that already have programs in place.


"The List" is grassroots and crowd-sourced for job seekers, recruiters, and companies who want to promote its diversity and inclusion program(s). For more information, send your inquiries to info@Idealmixer.com.

"Research shows that women of color are the most likely

to be ignored and misquoted in meetings" 

-Amber Burton, WSJ

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