Why Young Living

at Ideal Mixer?

Enhances creativity & physical wellness

Purifies the studio & smells great

Inspires a positive mental attitude

Enhances spiritual awareness


It’s pretty simple. Here’s how:

  1. Click here to start the sign-up process.

  2. Choose the ‘Member’ option so you can get the 24% discount and other perks.

  3. You should see my member number (1531545) in the Enroller and Sponsor boxes. 

  4. Choose your starter kit. I HIGHLY recommend the Premium Starter Kit with Desert Mist Diffuser. It's the same kit I have at Ideal Mixer!

  5. Fill in all of your information & keep your username, password, and PIN so you can use them for future orders.

  6. Check out and wait for your kit to arrive!

How to Get Started?

1518 Blue Hill Avenue
Mattapan, Ma 02126

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